Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. Located in the western part of the upper Thracian Plain on the two banks of Maritsa river. Situated on 15 km north of the Rhodopy mountain and 50 km south of the mountain called Stara planina. 




University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski"


City of Plovdiv

24 "Tzar Assen" Str.


Park Hotel Sankt Peterburg

97 "Bulgaria" Blv.
4003, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Discounted prices in Park-Hotel "Sankt Peterburg" for the participants of 11cc (price per 1 night)

Single room 28 euro (EUR)
Double room 52 euro (EUR)
Studio 38 euro (EUR)
Double studio 52 euro (EUR)
Apartment 67 euro (EUR)

The price includes accommodation, breakfast, insurance, VAT

Please book only at: marketing@sphotel.net 

IMPORTANT! In order to take advantage of the preferential prices, you must indicate that you are a participant in the 11СС !!!




By plane

From Sofia airport (Vrajdebna) 


From Plovdiv airport (Krumovo)

by bus (from and to Plovdiv)

by taxy


From Bourgas airport (Sarafovo)


From Varna airport (Aksakovo)



By  Train 

The city is a major road and railway hub in southern Bulgaria. 

Bulgarian State Railways

By bus 

Plovdiv has 3 bus stations - bus station "South", bus station "North" and bus station "Rhodopi"

The ticket from Sofia to Plovdiv or from Plovdiv to Sofia will cost you from 14 to 16 levs.


Plovdiv Taxi's phone numbers 

Vayalet (032) 6160

VIP (032) 6103 Europe (032) 6133

Europe (032) 6188

Elit (032) 6117 Elma (032) 6665

Inter (032) 9199

Lider (032) 6143 Korona (032) 6162, 6182

Perfect (032) 6112 

Sky (032) 9111 Plovdiv Taxi (032) 6191

Taksi 1 (032) 6142